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Seminar + Internship Japan

IBS has developed a truly unique internship program that allows students to gain valuable work experience in the world’s third-largest economy, Japan!


Finding an international internship experience independently can be a daunting endeavor. Using IBS’s vast network of relationships with companies and organizations in Japan, we have developed a truly exceptional internship program. Using our unique student-centered approach, interns are able to 1) acquire knowledge (Boot Camp), 2) analyze and evaluate (Seminar), and finally 3) apply their new skills in an authentic work environment (Internship).


6/2/2021 - 8/19/2021


Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan; 

Sydney & Cairns, Australia

Program Cost


Application Deadline

March 15

Seminar + Internship System


  • Cultural Training

  • Business Etiquette Classes

  • Survival Language Lessons

  • Critical Geopolitical Issues

  • Cohort Cultural Excursion

  • Safety and Health

  • Adjust to New Environment

  • Racial, Gender and Sexual

  • Identity Overseas

  • Public Transportation


  • Meet Executives and Learn from Global Businesses

  • Collaborate with Peers

  • Experience Unique Tours and Activities

  • Travel Across Country

  • Expand Network with Students and Faculty

  • Assist IBS Program Manager with Project Management

  • Leadership Role and Responsibilities with Group

  • Practice Local Language

  • Free Time to Explore!


  • Experience Local Companies

  • Gain Real Experience

  • Learn Company Culture

  • Develop Workplace Skills

  • Learn Country-specific Business Practices

  • Improve Communication Skills

  • Learn Job-specific Knowledge

  • Weekly Debrief with Cohort and IBS Staff

  • Free time to Explore!

About Boot Camp

With IBS’s Seminar + Internship Program, students attend an intensive boot camp after arriving in country to ensure they have the tools needed to interact with the locals, recognize cultural trends, and develop their own cultural consciousness. Orientation sessions, cultural consulting, and survival language classes will get interns promptly prepared for their leadership roles in the Seminar and for their internships.

About Seminar

For two weeks, interns will travel throughout the country, surveying both the business and cultural landscape. While on the tour, participants will meet with executives at a variety of businesses and organizations, visiting offices, factories, headquarters as well as the cultural, religious, and historical locations that help to define the nation. While learning alongside their student peers, interns will serve as assistants to the IBS Program Manager, taking responsibility for some operational tasks associated with administering the program.

After the two weeks, students will now be ready to enter into a 100+ hour internship.

About Internship

Immediately following their Seminar, interns will be placed with a local company working collaboratively on projects, meeting real-world deadlines all while being exposed to work environments unique to that area. Meeting weekly with IBS staff, they will have the opportunity to deconstruct their experiences.


Day 1


• Depart USA

Day 2


• Arrive Tokyo and transfer to hotel
• Intern Welcome Dinner and Program Orientation

Day 3


• Introduction to Japan Programming Day I
- General cultural introduction
- Business cultural introduction

Day 4


• Introduction to Japan Programming Day II
- Japanese language lessons
- Critical issues in Japan

Day 5


• Day trip to Mt. Fuji
• Transfer by private coach to Lake Kawaguchi
- Lake Kawaguchi – Picturesque lake at the base of Fuji
- Itchiku Kubota Art Museum – Japanese silk kimono exhibit
- Mt Fuji Panoramic Ropeway – 360-degree views of the area
- Japanese Hot Springs (optional)
- Chureito Pagoda – Iconic pagoda facing Mt. Fuji

Day 6


• Free day to Explore Tokyo

Day 7


• Seminar Internship Begins
• Seminar Students arrive Tokyo and transfer to hotel
• Welcome Dinner and Program Orientation

Day 8


• Business Visit: U.S Embassy – Commercial Services Economic Briefing
• Business Visit: Amazon Japan – eCommerce & Cloud Computing

Day 9


• Classic Tokyo Half Day Tour of the Meiji Shrine & Harajuku
• Transfer by ferry to Odaiba
• Weber Grills Japan with Outdoor BBQ Dinner

Day 10


• Free day to Explore Tokyo

Day 11


• Business Visit: Nissan Factory Tour – Automobile Manufacturing
• Business Visit: Yamato Transport Chronogate – Logistics and Operations

Day 12


• Travel to Kyoto by Bullet Train
• Transfer to hotel in Kyoto
• Higashiyama Walking Tour of the Kiyomizu Temple & Yasaka Shrine

Day 13


• Business Visit: Nintendo – Gaming & Innovation
• Business Visit: Rohm Semiconductor – Cutting-Edge Technology

Day 14


• Business Visit: Kawasaki Heavy Industries – Rolling Stock Heavy Manufacturing
• Business Visit: Panasonic – Electronics

Day 15


• Travel to Hiroshima by Bullet Train
• Hiroshima Peace Museum – UNESCO World Heritage Site
• Ferry to Miyajima – UNESCO World Heritage Site
• Travel back to Kyoto by Bullet Train

Day 16


• Free Day to Enjoy Kyoto and Explore Gion Festival

Day 17


• Hozugawa River Cruise to Arashiyama
• Bamboo forest, historic bridges, iconic temples and monkey park
• Farewell Dinner and Wrap-Up Session

Day 18


• Company Internship Begins
• Say goodbye to seminar students
• Travel to Osaka and move into long-term housing
• Cohort Group Lunch (1)
• Students test run to internship placement
• Short orientation to area around apartment

Day 19


• Internship ( Day 1)

Day 20


• Internship ( Day 2)

Day 21


• Internship ( Day 3)

Day 22


• Internship ( Day 4)

Day 23


• Weekend (Free)

Day 24


• Weekend (Free)

Day 25


• Internship ( Day 5)

Day 26


• Internship ( Day 6)

Day 27


• Internship ( Day 7)
• Cohort Debrief Lunch (2)
• Debrief concepts learned from internships

Day 28


• Internship ( Day 8)

Day 29


• Internship ( Day 9)

Day 30


• Weekend (Free)

Day 31


• Weekend (Free)

Day 32


• Sea Day National Holiday
• Optional: Day Trip to Shirohama Beach Wakayama

Day 33


• Internship ( Day 10)

Day 34


• Internship ( Day 11)
• Cohort Debrief Lunch (3)
• Debrief concepts learned from internships

Day 35


• Internship ( Day 12)

Day 36


• Internship ( Day 13)

Day 37


• Weekend (Free)

Day 38


• Weekend (Free)

Day 39


• Internship ( Day 14)

Day 40


• Internship ( Day 15)

Day 41


• Internship ( Day 16)
• Cohort Debrief Lunch (4)
• Debrief concepts learned from internships

Day 42


• Internship ( Day 17)

Day 43


• Internship ( Day 18)

Day 44


• Day Trip to Universal Studios Japan
• Intern Farewell Dinner

Sample Seminar

Sample Seminar Itinerary

Image by Manuel Cosentino
Seminar Highlights

Seminar + Internship Highlights


  • Stay in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and visit Hiroshima and Mt. Fuji.

  • Experience cultural activities, free time to explore, and a variety of outdoor excursions.

  • Participate in city tours to see the most well-known attractions, including the Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, Kiyomizu Temple, and more.

  • Tokyo Olympics 2021! Explore Japan as they prepare to host the re-scheduled Olympics Games. Attend the games if you wish!

Business Experience

  • Learn from business executives at global companies such as the US Embassy Tokyo, Amazon, Nintendo, Kawasaki, and more.

  • View international business practices in a variety of industries, including finance, marketing, economics, and more.

  • Experience an opportunity to network with global executives, like-minded students, and university professors.

  • A first-hand understanding of international policies, business practices, and cultures


  • Stay in 4-star hotels with front-lobby security during Seminar 

  • Enjoy pre-departure advising as well as faculty support to ensure you are prepared before and throughout the seminar.

  • IBS organizes your flight between Japan and Australia

Why Seminar + Intern?

  • Strong academic focus.

  • Develop career skills.

  • Meet with global companies and learn about their response to COVID-19.

  • Discuss global supply chain interruptions, the extreme shifts in the global market, and the implications of working in a variety of industries.

  • Join the global conversation and gain new perspectives.

  • Add international collaboration and cultural competency to your resume.

  • Demonstrate your creativity and adaptability to future employers by participating in a global internship program.​

  • Access a global network of aspiring young leaders.

Image by Finan Akbar
What's Inclued

What's Included

IBS programs are planned to make sure you have the essentials and support needed to intern successfully in a foreign country.  

  • Pre-departure advisement

  • Full Seminar experience

  • Experienced and dedicated US faculty leaders to provide guidance, insight, and direction

  • Accommodations throughout program

  • All program travel

  • Individualized placement in local company

  • Welcome and farewell dinners and some lunches

  • Intern-only excursions

  • 24-hour emergency support

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